Winter Overtime (4th-8th)

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Winter basketball practices are primarily focused on the team and team concepts, as they should be; however, players still need to keep their own skills sharp so they can contribute to the team while in the game. Overtime was created to help Elementary and Middle School players grow and maintain their skills during the winter season.

Parents can purchase sessions individually or in a package and use those sessions on any of the days that we offer the skill classes. Players do not have to use sessions consecutively. Once your player is registered, they can attend any of the Fall Night Training sessions offered for their grade level (RSVP is not required).

Click the link to register your player at the bottom of the page.

Overtime Overview

  • Overtime offers two parts; Part I: Nov/Dec and Part II: Jan/Feb.
  • For 4th-8th grade boys & girls.
  • Players have the option to purchase session packages of 1, 3 or 5 sessions.
  • Package prices: 1 session= $25; 3 sessions= $65; 5 sessions= $100
  • 90-minute training sessions.
  • Maximum 10:1 Player to Coach ratio.
  • Each Sunday, sessions are divided into two 45-minute segments: 45-min of ball handling and 45-min of shooting.
  • Ball handling skill work will include: attack moves, footwork, advance drills, fundamental technique drills, playing through contact and more!
  • Shooting skill work will include: form shooting, footwork, using screens, creating space, catch & shoot, and more!
  • No make up sessions are offered for any missed sessions.
  • Players need to bring their own basketball!




Overtime Fees

1 session=$25

3 sessions=$65

5 sessions=$100

Dates & Times