Sunday Shooting

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The game of basketball is constantly evolving. In today's game, all coaches put a premium on players to make shots. Our Sunday Shooting program will focus on proper technique and challenge your player to execute game-speed shots. Your player will get up over 100+ shots per session!

Parents can purchase sessions individually or in a package and use those sessions on any of the Sundays that we offer the shooting sessions. Players do not have to use sessions consecutively. Once your player is registered, they can attend any of the Spring Sunday Shooting sessions offered for their grade level (RSVP is not required).

Please note to double-check schedules; any unused sessions are not refunded or credited into other programs.


  • For boys & girls 4th-8th grade
  • Players do not need to be evaluated to participate.
  • Groups are divided by grade level, gender and skill
  • 10:1 player-to-coach ratio
  • Early registration is encouraged, we do anticipate selling out!
  • No Session on Easter Sunday.