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Miller grew up in Aurora, IL and played basketball collegiately and professionally before starting the brand. On September 23rd, 2009 Matt started M14Hoops. The company was founded on the principles of hard work, dedication, teamwork and dreaming big! His love and dedication to bringing basketball into children's lives shows in how he runs the company and manages his coaches.

By 2014, M14Hoops was the #1 company for player development in the western suburbs. The company had grown to training over 500 players annually. In 2018, M14Hoops the facility officially opened in Aurora, IL. With the facility officially opening, M14Hoops increased their ability to develop basketball players by starting teams as well as offering speed, agility, and strength training. The facility offers complete player development both on and off the court.

A word from Matt: In those early days, I didn't have a clue about business. I just wanted to help each player I came in contact with get better. It was an obsession. I constantly studied the game of basketball, athletic movements, communication and tried to perfect my craft to the best of my ability.

The M14Hoops Chicagoland location now trains over 3,000 players annually and the impact on the western suburbs of Chicago has continued to grow tremendously. M14Hoops Chicago offers not only training, but teams as well as speed and agility training for complete player development. With over 20 employees in place to manage day to day operations; M14Hoops has a great team in place and looks forward to a bright future of training youth basketball players!