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This basketball documentary series takes you deep into M14Hoops. You will gain insight into how M14hoops founder, Matt Miller, built his program from 1 players to over 10,000+ nationally.  See how he built the facility from the ground up as well as their expansion into Indianapolis.  The  passion for teaching youth and the drive to see them achieve their best is felt at every M14 session by all staff members. See behind the scenes on what it is like and how M14Hoops has changed youth basketball.


In this first M14 basketball documentary episode we meet Matt Miller. We learn M14’s focus on the basketball fundamental of ball handling and the rumors about M14 going into travel ball are put to rest. You can feel the atmosphere.

M14 Hoops is a place for serious players to get seriously better. Get the inside feel and focus. It’s all about ball handling, no political agenda. Nothing stops Matt. Even on crutches he is a force, motivating, moving, and running the Midwest’s top Basketball Training Academy.


Coach Matt is back in the gym recovering from his torn achilles injury. In episode 2, we meet the first two employees of M14Hoops, Coach Bobby Catchings and Coach Nick Daniels. While Coach Matt was gone, nothing changed as Coach Nick and Coach Bobby pushed players beyond their limits. We also get an in-depth break down from Matt about how he took characteristics from Hall of Fame Coaches he was under and his time overseas to build the M14 Academy.


In episode 3 is all about ACCOUNTABILITY!  Coach Matt explains why the Academy classes are a challenge for players but ultimately the best thing they could ever do. The accountability M14hoops instills in their players is second to none.  On and off the court, the expectations for M14 players is at an all time high. Coach Nick has a private lesson as well.


M14Hoops is all about results! In episode 4 we get to hear from some of the players who have trained at M14. Some of which were in high school at the time and went on to play at high levels collegiately!


M14Hoops is growing up ... FAST! The year is 2014 and Coach Bobby and Coach Nick are now fully employeed at M14 and it is time to get ready for their first Spring Academy as full time staff members. Coach Matt takes us behind the scenes on the preparation they do to be ready.  They also are filming the newest Explosive Handles video.


In this episode Coach Matt takes trips around the world to speak with Coaches to learn more about basketball development and also makes a HUGE announcement at the end of the episode! You don't want to miss this!